Cyber incident at your company?

Everything encrypted oder hacked?

We help quickly, discreetly and professionally on time!

Immediate assistance for cyber incidents in the DACH region. At SECURIX, we maintain a network of cyber professionals, negotiation experts, lawyers and specialists for the recovery of your infrastructure. Call us on the emergency number below and receive professional support around the clock.


CH: +41 58 510 81 81

DE: +49 30 308 085 76

Available 24/7 (partly EN speaking)



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Not alone in an emergency: round-the-clock cyber protection with SECURIX and CSIS

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital and connected, the risk of cyber incidents is also increasing. When the unexpected happens, you need to take considered action. Think about securing evidence; you may need to provide evidence to the police, insurance company, etc. You may need to provide evidence.
SECURIX, part of the renowned Allurity Group, together with our sister company CSIS, offers you unparalleled immediate assistance with cyber security incidents - around the clock, every day of the year. Rely on an experienced team that has successfully handled and closed hundreds of such incidents.
At SECURIX, we understand that security is more than just technology. It's about trust, reliability and the assurance that your business is protected, even in difficult times. With SECURIX and CSIS at your side, you can rest assured that your digital world remains secure.
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Fast and reliable immediate assistance in the event of cyber incidents

  • 24/7 access to expertise: Our specialists are always available to respond to any type of cyber security incident. With SECURIX and CSIS, you are never alone.

  • Fast response times: In crisis situations, every second counts. Our experts respond promptly to minimize the threat and secure your systems as quickly as possible.

  • Forward-looking security strategies: In addition to immediate assistance, we work with you on long-term strategies to strengthen your resilience to future attacks.

  • Cyberkompetenzen at its best: As part of the Allurity Group, you benefit from the combined expertise and resources of a network dedicated to securing the digital world.

  • Experience from multiple incidents: Thanks to our extensive experience, detailed checklists and clear approach, we can guarantee you the best possible chances of success in restoring compromised environments. We achieve this together with our internal system engineers.

We offer you exclusive support with our Emergency Response Retainer 

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365-days SECURIX
Your case has priority

The SECURIX Incident Response Team is available for emergencies around the clock, 365 days a year. 

Response Time SECURIX
Guaranteed response time

Our team will contact you within the agreed response times to provide you with competent support in the event of cyber incidents. 

Remote support

We provide you with comprehensive support via remote access. You can reach the Incident Response Team directly via the emergency number. 

Initial Workshop SECURIX
Initial Workshop

We lay the foundations for our collaboration in an individual initial workshop. Expectations, infrastructure and processes are discussed.

Are you interested in an emergency response retainer? We look forward to hearing from you.